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Inside the Diocese of Knoxville

Apr 24, 2024

Deacon Bob Hunt discusses his new book, "Thy Word, an Introduction to the Bible for People in the Pews".  

Jan 8, 2024

Catholic Filmmakers Veronica DiPippo and Marc Aramian, producers of Father Ryan: A Higher Call, discuss their latest project He Named Him Adam, as well as their life in Hollywood, the roadblocks and challenges they encountered while working there, and their move to the Diocese of Knoxville. 

Dec 8, 2023

The Diocese of Knoxville is helping form lay leaders for the Church by working with The University of Notre Dame and The McGrath Institute for Church Life. Lizzie Morris, an Echo Graduate Services student from Illinois joins us on this episode to speak about her work here in East Tennessee. 

Oct 3, 2023

Loune Viaud, a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award recipient, met with the Haiti Outreach Ministry at the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. She joins Jim Wogan for this update on the situation in Haiti and the work of Partners in Health and the Haiti Outreach Ministry. 

Oct 3, 2023

Jason Evert of the Chastity Project will be leading a family-based event at St. John Neumann Parish on Oct. 22. that invites parents, teens (13+), and all adults to learn about God's plan for love and consider the meaning of sex, gender, and the human body.  This episode previews Jason's ministry and the event at...